living room ottoman

For the longest time I have been looking for a new coffee table. After looking at different options I came to the conclusion that a ottoman will fit our space and lifestyle perfectly. I like ottomans as coffee tables because they are so functional and adaptable. They can be used as a table or extra seating when needed. They are also child-proofed and they come in so many different colors and materials. For our living room I wanted an oversized ottoman. I looked and looked and didn’t find anything I really liked, and what I really liked was out of our budget, like these beautiful ottoman from Restoration Hardware. A girl can dream, right? I also found the Hovas ottoman from IKEA, which I liked too. It is more casual and, more important, in our budget.

The other day I happened to come across my dream ottoman again. An this time on sale! I know, is not like a huge sale and it is still a little on the expensive side in my opinion. But I know sometimes it is worth it to splurge on quality pieces that are going to be with you a lifetime. And this ottoman is one of them. Like I read somewhere, it is amazing how we don’t have any limits when it comes to shoes and bags and clothes and sometimes we will pay a big chunk of money for them. But when we face the situation of paying the same amount for a rug, a lamp or any other piece of furniture, which will last longer,  we second guess and have a mental meltdown.

I still haven’t decided what to do. I can go with the Ikea ottoman, which is nice and I think will work in my living room. But for a little more I can have the RH one, which is a definitely a classic.

What to do? Decisions, decisions.


Thanks for your comments!

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