freezing monday

Oh…Monday again! and I can’t believe it’s over! I meant to post this earlier but one thing and another and it’s already 10 o’clock! 

The weekend went by so quickly. And to make things worse, the weather marked -5 F this morning, making it so hard to get out of bed. And even harder to step out of the house. I thought I was going to turn into an ice-cube while waiting for the train! I hope tomorrow is better. 

In other news, I just wanted to share an interesting article I read last weekend about successful people. The article was more oriented to financial success but I think it can be applied to life in general.

I couldn’t agree more with the point of view of the author. In order to success in life, and by that I don’t mean necessary having tons of money, we have to look into ourselves. We have to be responsible for our own actions and emotions, have enthusiasm to continue learning new things, make the commitment to work hard and have the flexibility to accept change, and all that towards a goal.

At the end, it’s up to us to become a success or not! What do you think?


Thanks for your comments!

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