valentine’s day (e)cards

For the most part I don’t like to buy generic cards at the stationery store. Nothing wrong with it. It’s just that I like to make my own. I know there are situations were there isn’t enough time to get creative and hand make a card, but when possible I try to do it.

With Valentine’s Day coming and knowing Luke will have a Valentine card swap at school I’ve been looking for new ideas. And I found a really cute one! A little project that involves Luke, me and my camera, and that I’ll be posting about soon.

And for those who don’t have time to make a card or even mail one, you can always email one of these cute and original cards from Kate Spade. I found about them while I was reading Layers of Meaning, another lovely blog I like.

via kate spade

So, hurry up and start mailing or emailing those Valentine’s cards. You’ll make someone’s day!


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