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via bonpoint

Look what I found while looking for some clothing for baby F. Aren’t these outfits freaking cute!? So chic, so refined. And the subtle color palettes add to the style.

via bonpoint

We couldn’t expect less from a French clothing store, right? Well, maybe less expensive prices?

If money weren’t an issue I’d fill baby F’s closet with these outfits…Well, mmm, now that I think about it, even if money weren’t an issue I’m not sure I would buy these clothes. Ok, ok, maybe just one outfit? I mean, these are gorgeous and stylish but not really worth it, aren’t they? Don’t get me wrong I love pretty clothes, pretty everything, but I also know to recognize when something is a good investment or not, and expensive newborn clothes that are going to be outgrown in weeks is money badly invested. (at least, let me tell myself that).

In the meantime, I can always dream or get inspired. Maybe I can put together some of these outfits with more affordable options. What do you think?


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