week 3 – hv nestie’s favorites

7.  favorite tv show

Friends. I love that show! I can watch reruns all day long.

8. favorite store to shop

I like shopping and I like a lot of stores, so it’s hard to choose. Lately I’ve been shopping  at Anthropologie, especially during their big sales. I like their clothing but also that I can find home decor or furnishings. Every time I go there I leave with a little something for my house.

9. favorite recipe

I don’t cook that much (sorry, the kitchen is not for me, unless I have to decorate it). So I don’t know many recipes. But one that I always remember is one my mom used to make for almost all our birthdays. It’s easy, quick and delicious. I’ll call it Chicken with Pecans & Peaches sandwich. Shredded cooked chicken, chopped pecans and canned peaches, all mixed with a little mayonnaise in a mini (or regular) croissant. Yummy!


3 thoughts on “week 3 – hv nestie’s favorites

  1. Jennifer

    How can I forget FRIENDS? I guess I wanted to make it for current shows but yes FRIENDS is one of my ultimate all time fave shows. I can recite episodes , it annoys most people haha.


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