snow & blue rooms

Hola, hola. It’s Monday again. Good thing I have the day off because this morning I was not in the mood to deal with all the “lovely” snow we got last night. I thought we were done with the white thingy. Spring, weren’t you supposed to be coming soon?

Anyway, as I mentioned here, I’d like to have some rooms ready for my family’s visit in June. So I thought it was time to start thinking about the Guest Bedroom, which we just decided it’ll be a Guest Bedroom/Playroom. We have guests, but not very often, so it didn’t make sense to have a whole room devoted to just that role. Right now it’s an orange room, and even though I like it and think it’s a great color for a playroom, I think it can be overwhelming for guests. So what other color came to my mind? Blue…the mister’s favorite color. Let’s see what I found.

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I think different shades of blue and white is a chic combination. But to make it more playful I’ll add some pops of other colors. The question is what colors? Yellow, orange, green? Purple? I guess I’ll have to keep looking for more inspiration.


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