week 4 – hv nestie’s favorites


9. Favorite Job

building in 42th street

Until last year I would have said Architect (my current job) but if I could choose now I’d say Interior Designer. I’ve always liked art and design in all its forms, but in the last year I’ve developed an, let’s say, obsession about interior design. I’d love to start a career as an Interior Designer and I’ve been considering the idea of going back to school. I’m not sure that’ll be possible anytime soon with the arrival of baby G. I still love architecture of course. I just love being able to design buildings and spaces people will inhabit.

10. Favorite vacation spot

punta sal, peru

I’m definitely a beach person. That’s the thing I miss the most about my country. In Lima we have the Pacific Ocean 30 minutes away from home, so I used to love summer time because it meant beach time! I’ve love to go to the Caribbean sometime soon.

11. Favorite bookI have a couple. Books that really touched me were “Un Mundo para Julius” by Alfredo Bryce Echenique, a peruvian author. It’s the story about the life of a little boy growing up in the high-class of Lima in the early 1900’s. The other one is “Brida” by Paulo Coehlo. Tt taught me about “my other part”.

Have a great weekend!


4 thoughts on “week 4 – hv nestie’s favorites

    1. house36 Post author

      Thanks Caroline! I stopped by your blog and the reading area in your nursery looks great! I love those shelves. I’m planning on doing something like that in our Guest Bedroom/Playroom.


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