my powder room in better after

If you haven’t heard of Better After yet, I say you should go there right now. It’s a very popular blog that showcases before and after pictures of different design projects: room makeovers, furniture revamps, thrift store finds transformations. I find it really inspiring and motivating and it just shows how many creative and crafty people are out there. Well, some days ago I sent Linda, the author of the blog, some pictures of my powder room makeover. And this morning she featured me in her blog! I was busy all day and I just woke up from a nice nap so I just found out! I know, I know it’s late but blame my hormones (I guess it’s true when they said tiredness will come back in the third trimester).

You can see her post here. Hope you had a good start of the week. As for me, I’m going right back  to bed now! See you tomorrow.


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