week 6 – hv nestie’s favorites

16. favorite blog

Oh my! Where do I start? Having just one as favorite will be impossible. I loved blogs since the moment I discovered them. First were random blogs I discovered in my country’s major newspaper, then it was wedding blogs while planning our wedding, then nesting and interior design blogs and now mommy blogs. It amazes me how many creative and talented people are out there. But ok, if I have to choose a favorite I’ll say Design*Sponge. I especially love the before and after section. I find it very inspirational and I can get new creative ideas to put into practice around the house.

17. favorite sport

Can we choose more than one? This is another difficult one for me since I love sports. All of them. Well, most of them. Since little I was very active: swimming, ballet, gymnastics. Then came volleyball and track and field. I also like kickboxing and boxing a lot. But again if I have to choose I’ll say volleyball. I was in my high school team and after that I’ve been playing here and there. Sadly with life getting hectic I haven’t had the time to continue playing. Also there aren’t that many opportunities to play around here. If you know of any let me know.

18. favorite memory

Definitely our honeymoon in Paris. It was just magical. Of course it was our honeymoon and that made the trip even more special but there was something about Paris. We visited the most touristic places and tried nice restaurants, but the best part was having crepes and little croissants for breakfast every morning and wandering around the city.


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