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I’m probably a little late on this one but have you heard of Pinterest? Don’t you love it? After years of collecting inspiration pictures, I had to come with some sort of system to organize all my photos. Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to find anything. I have all my photos and images categorized by theme, or year or color, etc, in perfectly named folders. However there are still times I can’t find the photo or website or link I need.

via pinterest

Here enters Pinterest. It’s the perfect site to have all my photos organized and what’s even better, they are accessible from anywhere, not just my laptop! I can create mood boards and add some info about the image, like the website where I found it. No more “unknown source” pics! It’s going to take a little time to put together all my boards and collect more pics but it’s great to know it’ll be there when I need it!

You can see above my latest obsession: turquoise rooms. I have some friend invitations to send, so if you are {p}interested, let me know!

Happy pinning!


5 thoughts on “pin it!

  1. Christa

    LOVE my pinterest. Wish I’d had it much earlier, because all my best inspiration is still on my hard drive folders. I will follow you there now. My bedroom is accented in shades of turquoise, and that’s probably the destined color of my future kitchen remodel.

    1. house36 Post author

      I’m obsessed with turquoise. I’m definitely doing our guest bedroom/playroom in turquoise. A turquoise kitchen sounds so much fun!

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