hello again

Are you still there? If you are, you’ve probably noticed that I haven’t posted in a couple of weeks. Life got busy and hectic and to be honest I was not feeling good. All of a sudden I felt overwhelmed by the amount of things in our to-do-list. It seems that I’m constantly adding things but crossing off very few. Home improvement projects, photography classes, doctor appointments, work, baby seminars, events, blog posts.There was and there is a lot going on!

So the excitement and enthusiasm to complete some of our house projects, including Baby G’s nursery, kind of turned into stress and anxiety. And I didn’t want that to happen. I want to enjoy this whole process of getting ready for our baby more than anything! I let my perfectionist side take over me and try to do more than we can handle. Yes, there are  a lot of things to do, but some are more important than others so I had to prioritize. My intention to complete all the projects I mentioned here is going to stay like that, as an intention. Right now we’re going to focus just on Baby G’s nursery and the Guest Bedroom.

Also I’ve been trying to be good this last trimester and guess what, that takes time! Eating the right foods, making time to exercise, making time to bond with baby G, spending time with Luke and the mister, and of course relaxing. Not very easy when it’s time to start thinking about a lot of important things and making important decisions. (more on that later)

Finally, if you noticed I started a blog challenge, posting every Friday about my favorite things. Even though it was fun at the beginning, lately it started to feel more like an obligation.  I would stress out about not having my post ready on Friday. I started blogging because I wanted to share some of my interests as well as pieces of my life, especially with my family and friends. It is supposed to be fun, not stressful. So I’ve learned that blog challenges are not for me. And I won’t commit to another one anymore.

But anyway, I took this time to step back, think about what is really important and refocus. So I’m back and have a lot of things to share. Lots of exciting things coming up: my maternity photo session, some new rooms makeovers and projects, Baby G’s nursery sneak peak, and a little vacation time with my two boys, which will be the beginning of this new stage in my life: 100% motherhood! Hope you stay around.


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