entry hall makeover sneak peak


5 thoughts on “entry hall makeover sneak peak

  1. Christa

    Hi! Found you via WeddingBee. Your description sounds very similar to what I have going on or hope to have going on in the near future (pregnancy, home remodel).
    What a dramatic before and after! Did you really paint the ballisters black? And I’d love to see the stair decals in more detail. Perhaps if I keep searching your blog….

    1. house36 Post author

      Hi Christa, thanks for stopping by my blog. I’ll be posting the story of how the hall came together soon. I didn’t paint the ballisters black (I actually want to paint them white). They are still the same color. The “before” picture was taken by my husband, probably with a flash (it’s an old picture). I’ve been taking photography lessons and taking my “after” pictures in manual settings. I guess that’s why they seem darker.

    1. house36 Post author

      Hi Zoe! We didn’t like the color at the beginning. I’ll post the story soon. I stopped by your blog. I’m liking the color palette you chose. I couldn’t leave a comment, something about blogger not working. I’ll try again later.

      1. zoe feast

        It’s funny how a color can grow on you however it’s not always the case. I painted my home office a vibrant green once thinking it would energize me and make me more creative ( I am a web and graphic designer) In reality it upset my creative flow so much that within a few days I had to repaint. Glad your color grew on you! Blogger is up to something crazy…just seen that it had wiped my last post.

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