the new guest bedroom

Some time ago I mentioned my intentions to complete several projects before my family’s arrival. As time passed by I realized I was not going to be even a little close to get all those things done. So I focused my energy and time in the nursery (old guest bedroom) and the new guest bedroom (old playroom turned storage).

With the nursery almost done, I was able to put together the new guest bedroom in just a couple of days. I forgot to take pictures before my mom took over the room. So I just have this one for now. Hopefully I’ll get to take more photos later.

It was a very, very quick makeover. And even though the intention was to make this room a Guest Bedroom/Playroom, there was no time to design it properly. We decided to make it my Mom’s room during her stay with us. Maybe later we’ll changed a few things.

My inspiration and details for this room to come soon. (although you can read here I was/am obsessed with the color turquoise so it had to have it somewhere).


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