the story of a hall – part I

The story of how our Hall came together is a little long. So I’ll probably do it in parts. No, I can’t do “the long story short” thing. There are too many details I want to mention to show how sometimes time is your best ally when it comes to decorating. I know it could be frustrating. I’m a very impatient person myself and want to see results right away. But sometimes things take their own timeframe.

The Hall is one of the first rooms we repainted in the house. When I moved in with the mister (did I mention the house where the mister grew up is our house now? I didn’t? That’ll be another post then) the Hall was painted this Nantucket Grey color from Benjamin Moore,  which in other room or situation I’d have found elegant and rich. But not in this Hall. Add to that the austere furnishings and decor, and the lack of natural lighting, and the room was, well, sad. I didn’t like going up and down that hall everyday. Walking by its bare, cold walls just put me in a bad mood. It was dark and sad.

At that time we were having our closet done, so the mister thought it would be a good idea to have the same guys paint the Hall. We’d have done it ourselves, but the Hall included the stairhall and the double height which would have been a headache. (we are not that good at painting).

We had someone to paint. Now we just needed to choose a color. The mister suggested purple. I like the idea. Purple is one of my favorite colors anyway. We just needed the right purple. Easy, right? Well, the mister couldn’t pick a more proper time to ask me to choose: a chaotic morning while we are rushing to get L to the bus stop and getting ready for work. He said it was now or never, because the guys were done with the closet. So I grabbed the Benjamin Moore paint chip wheel and chose a random purple. Croqus. I guess I just liked the name. No time for paint samples. Croqus would be.

That day I was up for a big surprise when I got home. Croqus was, how can I say it, overwhelming. It was definitely not the purple I imagined. Needles to say, the mister didn’t like it, and to be honest I didn’t either. But at that point, anything was better than the sad Nantucket Grey.

With the days Croqus grew on us. The more we walked by the Hall, the more we started to appreciate it. It was overwhelming, but cheerful. It was a happy color.

Next step was thinking about furnishings and decor. I probably spent way too many hours on the internet thinking about the perfect console table.  We even visited a couple of places and were very closed to buy a very nice piece, but the price made us reconsider. I’m glad we did.

At the same time, I was thinking about our staircase. I remember a post I saw on Apartment Therapy a while ago. A very ingenious idea that I archived in my “future projects”. I first thought applying the idea to our stairs to the basement. But the main staircase needed something, too. What was the project? A vinyl decal applied to the risers of the stairs. Very clever, right? I remember the minute I read the post I went to the Wall Pops website to see what other designs they carry. They don’t have a big variety to choose from, but I found one that could work.

And it really worked! It gave the otherwise boring staircase a little sophistication. In my plans was also painting the balusters white. I like the look of oak railing and threads with white balusters, and I think that would balance a little more the white in the risers. But that’s a project we are not ready to tackle anytime soon. That went straight to our never-ending project list.

At least the Hall was seeing the light.


21 thoughts on “the story of a hall – part I

  1. Mrs. M

    I came over from The Inspired Room. I am amazed that those are decals on your stairs, and not tiles! Looks great! I’ll look forward to seeing more of your Hall story. May I offer a small correction? I mean it kindly… The horizontal part of the stairway that we step on is the tread (not thread), and the vertical face (where you put the decals) is the riser.

    1. house36 Post author

      Hi Mrs. M, thanks for stopping by. I posted about the Hall story here, here and here. And thanks for the correction. Even after years working here in the States, I still get them confused! Thanks again!

  2. decor8andorganize

    What a fantastic idea! I live in an old Victorian with a grand front staircase. I’d never cover it in carpet or a runner, but this is a great way to add some pizazz. I’d love to feature your idea on my blog.

    1. house36 Post author

      Hi, thanks for stopping by. Yes, I think this is a nice way to spruce up an otherwise boring staircase. And please, feel free to feature my hall in your blog. I’ll be very happy. 😉

  3. Nancy

    This has been on my to-do list for a while. I’m happy to see it done before me- looks great- so I’ll push it higher on my to-do list!

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  6. Kathleen Swan

    Wow! That is gorgeous! Who would have dreamed of it? I miss having a house to decorate, but I sure enjoyed this. You should write for a magazine. Your description is very interesting.

  7. Lesley

    This is so cool! My staircase is very similar to yours and I’ve been debating painting some of it black… Might have to now! Love the decals.

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  12. Regina Rosario

    Can you tell me how many of what size you purchased. It is not clear to me on the website if i should be buying the strips or the blox. How many of which kind did you need to complete your stairs?

    1. {Nadia @ House36} Post author

      Hi Regina. Thanks for stopping by. For my stairs I used the “stripe” shape.I just looked at their website and yes, it’s confusing. The pattern is the “Tangier”, in “stripe” shape that is 6.5″ wide by 16′ long. I bought two packages. I remember I got mine at Amazon but the price is very similar. Hope that helps!

  13. Claudia Carson

    I know this is a little late considering how long you’ve had this particular project, but I found it recently on Pinterest and fell in love with what you did to the SIDE of the stairs. Did you make them yourself or purchased them some place? Or did I miss them on your blog?? I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. Would love to have them on my stairs.


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