first weeks & ice cream

My little boy is almost 4 weeks old now! Where does time go? People told me to enjoy every minute since they grow so fast. It couldn’t be more true. These first weeks have gone so fast. It seems like yesterday we were heading to the hospital.

I also heard the first two weeks are the toughest. And I have to say that’s true, too. It’s been a busy, hectic time, trying to adjust to the changes and new priorities. Ok, let me rephrased it, it’s been a busy, hectic time just trying to survive. Even though we couldn’t be happier to have baby G with us, caring for a newborn it’s exhausting, especially when there is a big brother who demands equal attention. Thank God, my mom is here. She’s been a blessing. I don’t know what we’d have done without her. She is staying with us until September and we can’t thank her enough. I know she is happy with us here but also she misses the rest of the family, especially my dad. I know it’s hard for her sometimes. And I truly recognize the sacrifice she is doing for her grandchild. We love you Nona and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

On another note, does it feel like Summer already? Yes! During this time I really miss Lima and its beaches. But even though we don’t have nice beaches nearby, we have awesome ice cream places! We just tried a new gelatto shop last weekend and it was great. I guess we found our favorite place to hang out this summer!

 via smashing magazine


2 thoughts on “first weeks & ice cream

  1. house36 Post author

    My dear daughter. it’s my pleassure to be here. And you’re right, I miss the rest of the family, but the funny faces of baby G make me feel better. I’m really enjoying my first grand child!!!. Thank to God for this opportunity. Love you.

  2. janell

    We miss mommy too!! 🙂 but we understand her place now is with his beautiful grandson. As soon as I get a chance, I´ll be taking a plane to go see you guys again. }
    Love you so much,


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