baby G’s nursery in ohdeedoh!

They called it pregnancy brain for something, right? I thought I posted about this feature weeks ago but I guess I didn’t. By now, most of you know about it (most of you knew about this little blog because of it), but since I have many friends and family in Lima that also read the blog I still wanted to share. A month ago Baby G’s nursery was featured in one of my favorite blogs: Ohdeedoh

Ohdeedoh was one of the first kids decor blogs I discovered and the one I always go back to when looking for inspiration. Sometime ago, L’s room was featured in it, too.

via ohdeedoh

This time it took me by surprise, since I didn’t send baby G’s room pictures or anything. They just found my blog and pics on the web and I guess they liked it so much to post about it. It’s really flattering and it feels good to know your ideas, creativity and hard work is appreciated by others. And what’s even more rewarding? Inspiring others to create beautiful spaces, too. I hope I do.


2 thoughts on “baby G’s nursery in ohdeedoh!

  1. angeli

    It’s one of the best nurseries I have seen. This beautiful nursery will be featured in more websites and who knows? magazines. I am dying to see new baby pics. 🙂


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