chevron wall formula

Someone kindly asked me if I have some instructions or a formula to do a chevron wall. I wish I had!. 

I work with Autocad, a software that allows to draft with exact measurements. So it was a natural and easy thing for me to draft my wall and figure out the chevron design in Autocad. That way I’d have a previous idea on how the wall was going to look. I layout my wall with real dimensions and play with the zig zag pattern to see which size will look and fit better.

I’m not very good at giving directions and I’m not sure how many of you have access to some type of drafting software but I’ll show you the process I followed step by step. Hopefully you could recreate it directly on your wall.

 1. I divided the width (in my case 14′-8″) of the wall in six equal (eq.1) parts.

2. I divided the height (in my case 8′-0″) of the wall in five equal (eq.2) parts. So I ended up with a grid.

3. I took the first square of the grid to figure out the size of my zig zag pattern. I decided on a dimension (X),which I measured from the midpoint of the square (in my case I used approx. 7 1/2″).  I took that same dimension and measured it from the bottom left corner of the square up. I had four points now (1,2,3 & 4). Next step was to join point 1 to point 2 and point 3 to point 4. I then mirrored those two parallel lines and created my module.

4. Next I copied that module into the next square of the grid until I had a whole row. 

5. Next I copied the row down and so on until I had all the wall covered.

Now, how did I translate this into the real wall? I printed my module in full-scale and transferred it to a piece of cardboard to create a template. That way I wouldn’t have to measure the “X” dimension for each chevron.

I was supposed to measure all the columns and rows on the real wall to create the grid so I can trace my template more accurately. But the truth is that I got lazy and just played it by ear. I placed the template on the left top corner and traced it. From there I placed the template next to the previous tracing and so on. At some point the chevron got a little crooked so I had to start using the tape measure. It was not very difficult and took me a little more than an hour. I think the taping part was more time-consuming. After that, the mister had the fun part: painting!

via house 36

If you don’t have any drafting software or find this method not very helpful (sorry! I tried my best) I found two other tutorials. You can try this or this. Or just use them as a guide and create your own method. At the end, the result will be the same: a fun and bold statement wall. Enjoy!

Have a great weekend!


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