september – setiembre

Hope you had a great Labor Day weekend. I was busy doing some errands, organizing the house, getting L ready for school and attending a wedding. It was a nice long weekend but I could have used an extra day just to do nothing.

Well, this month is a little bittersweet. Sweet because it’s my birthday! I always like my birthday and love to celebrate it. I’m not sure I’ll do something this year but I’ll definitely celebrate with my boys and mom. 

Bitter because my mom is leaving at the end of the month. It’s been a blessing to have her here. And we all going to miss her so much. But I’m a little worried about baby G and how her absence will affect him. He’s grown very close to her and he’s gotten used to her and her little routines. And soon she’ll be gone and poor baby G won’t know why he doesn’t see her Nona anymore.

Thankfully we have a trip to Lima planned for the holidays so it won’t be too long before he can reunite with his Nona.

Having my mom here all this time has been an incredible support. I’m not sure I’d have been able to make it without her. Even though I don’t tell her often I truly appreciate all she’s done for me and now for baby G. She is a great mom and now grandma and I have so much to learn from her.

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1 thought on “september – setiembre

  1. Jani

    September is a nice month, Spring starts down here! Mom is literally a “super mom” and yes we should be thankful to have her and demonstrate how much we appreciate her.
    Don´t worry, you´ll do just fine with the baby and without realizing it it´ll be December and time to visit the fam!


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