pillow covers

I think I’m obsessed with pillow covers. A pair of pillow covers were the first project I did with my first sewing machine, gifted by the mister. And since then I haven’t stopped. I made pillow covers for the living room, our bedroom, the guest bedroom and the nursery, as seen here

I’m not an expert sewer but pillow covers – envelope style- are so easy to make. I still have many cute fabrics to keep sewing more and more. And what a better – and affordable- way to bring color and pattern to a room. I still like to buy already-made pillow covers, specially from Etsy. As a matter of fact I have three pair in my cart I’m dying to buy. But that’ll mean more pillows and if the mister see one more pillow in the house…mmm…what would he do?

These past days besides being busy with baby G, who is growing and growing, I finished another pair of pillow covers for the house and two covers for a friend’s nursery.

I love the brown fabric I got from Etsy. And I really like the grey/yellow combo (hellooo baby G’s nursery color scheme) and how both fabrics coordinate. The grey fabric is from Ikea, which I mentioned here and my friend got the yellow fabric from Fabric.com, from which I’ll be doing a window valance to coordinate with the pillow, too.

I see more and more pillow covers in my future! Have a great weekend!


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