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Are we already Thursday?! These have been some busy days around House 36. I’m trying to finish our Living Room makeover, getting everything ready for L’s party this weekend, attending play dates with baby G and crossfitting. Yep, I finally made the time to squeeze some exercise into my daily routine. Next step, watch my diet. Mmmm…that’s going to be a little hard with all the Holidays coming up. Well, at least I’m exercising, right?

A couple of weeks ago Paula, from treschicmama, a maternity fashion and lifestyle blog, featured one of my maternity shots in her maternity street high style post. Yes, me! I feel so flattered she liked my picture and considered it for her blog.

If you are expecting, go and visit her blog. She has the latest fashions and tips to be a tres chic mama-to-be. She was not around when I was pregnant but now I’m a fan. I’m telling you, it’ll become one of your daily reads!


2 thoughts on “chic mama

  1. Gloria

    I was absolutely floored when I sew baby G’s nursery and I’ve been a fan of your blog since. The funny thing is, I have a few of the pieces you used in the nursery, like the mirror, the yellow elephant lamp, the gray rug from overstock, and the pendant lamps which I made myself. And I all these i had before I sew baby G’s nursery! It was awsome to how they can all be in the same room and work well!

    1. house36 Post author

      Hi Gloria, great finds! I was a little worried about how everything was going to look together (because there is a lot going on!) but keeping the palette just to yellows an greys helped a lot.


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