quick, simple, cute Christmas treat idea

As usual at the end of November I have big plans for my Christmas crafts and as usual I never get to do any of them! I seriously need more hours in my day!

I still wanted to do something so I put together little bags of Hershey Kisses, planning to attach simple Christmas tags (I did that last year and they were a hit). While looking around blogland,  I came across this cute idea: Elf kisses! I found this cute elf image, and with a poem I found here, I designed my own tag and attached them to the bags. These are perfect for teachers, neighbors, co-workers, or just about anyone. Who doesn’t like a little treat?

I also found this idea: Reindeer Noses! (actually I found many great ideas that with a little more time I’ve loved to pull off). I don’t know who exactly came up with all these things, but they are just too cute!. So I made another tag with this image, found also here, and attached them to small M&Ms bags.

And because Christmas is time to share, you can download the tags here and here. (you’ll 8.5×11 cardstock to print them). Attach them to little (or big!) bags of Hershey Kisses or M& M’s and share! (I know is kind of last-minute but there is still some time). Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “quick, simple, cute Christmas treat idea

  1. Pam

    Cannot express how excited I was to see my eri-doodle elf and reindeer in use. Such an adorable idea you had. I have created a link back to this page on my blog. 🙂 May just have to make some of these myself. Simply adorable.

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