the last days

I wrote this a couple of days after we arrived to Lima and thought I posted it, but I guess I didn’t.  Anyway it was just a last update of our last December days. We were finally in Lima and we couldn’t be more excited! I’d dreaded the long flight for so long (I think I read too much about flying with an infant) but I have to say it was not that bad at all. Baby G slept almost all the flight (both flights). In my arms of course, which was not that fun and comfortable for me. (And yes, we decided not to get him a seat. It was a personal choice) But as long as he was comfortable and rested it was ok.

We were so exhausted when we arrived to Lima, though. And couldn’t follow through with our plans of watching a Christmas movie that night. Luke slept from 5 pm to 5 am that day and the mister went to bed early as well. But next day we visited a friend (which I think counts as a Christmas activity) and on the 23rd we had a Christmas breakfast with some old high school friends and a Christmas lonche at my sister’s place.

The 24th was a busy day, doing some last-minute shopping and getting ready for our Christmas Eve Dinner at my parents house. We had a great night, watching fireworks, enjoying a delicious meal and opening presents at midnight. Luke surprisingly got up a little after midnight and got to enjoy all the fun. Next morning we got a special visit, Santa came to our house to make some special deliveries. It was so cute to see baby G staring at “Santa”. Even though Luke is old enough to know “Santa” was actually Tio Lucas, I think he still enjoyed the visit. It was a great Christmas.  A really special one.

I think for being the first year we did good with our own version of an Advent Calendar. I’ll definitely be more organized next year. I’m already looking forward to it!

*lonche is the Peruvian version of England’s tea time.


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