february – febrero

Yep! That’s a whole month that just passed by. We’re starting the second month of the year and I still feel Christmas was last week. Baby G and I are back home in NY, trying to get used to our routines again. And it’s been hard. That explains somehow my lack of posting. Between our long vacation in Lima, which was a blast, and the challenges of a sleepless baby, I haven’t had much time left. But I have a lot to post about our house makeover. I’m almost done with the Living Room, the Dining Room is in progress and the Basement is about to start. I promise great before and after photos! So stay tuned.

On another note, thanks so much for voting. Baby G was so close to win! He ended up being number 2, out of 700 something entries. Not that bad after all, right? He’s our little angel, although lately he’s been a little diabolic. Waking up every two hours in the night is diabolic, isn’t it? We’re just hoping it’s a phase. I keep telling myself that for my own sanity.

  images via smashing magazine


1 thought on “february – febrero

  1. Janell

    I´m sure it´s just a phase. He´s getting used to the house again, not having so many arms to hold him whenever he wakes up, the weather, etc. We miss you guys so much and hope you´ll get some good sleep soon.


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