sport those chucks

In all honesty If I saw you at the gym wearing a pair of Converse shoes, I’d have cringed. I know, very judgemental. Well, I think is important to wear the proper shoes when working out, what ever is that you do: running, aerobics, volleyball, weight lighting. And I was yet to know about a sport that can be execute properly in chucks. That just changed last week when I found out chucks are actually really good shoes for Crossfit training. Go figure! They are definitely not good for running but if the WOD (workout of the day) doesn’t include runs, you can easily sport your converse while doing the dreaded burpees.

I wore mine last week and to my surprise they felt really comfortable. I still want to get a good pair of crossfit shoes since I’m planning on continue with it, though.

I want these, the new Reebok Crossfit Nanos, but I can’t seem to find my size. Not sure if I should wait or get another color. What do you think?


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