the month of organization

One of my intentions for this 2012 was is: organization. I know it’s March already, but it’s never too late, right?. I consider myself an organized person. I like everything to have its place, I don’t like clutter and I can stand messes for just certain amount of time before going craaaazy. Asked the mister. He knows.

But being organized with two kids has proven to be very challenging. I don’t want that to be an excuse to just let go, though. On the contrary I want to teach my kids that organization, in all aspects of life, pays off. So with Spring around the corner I’m preparing a big Household Storage and Cleaning Plan (yes, I named it). Hopefully I’ll be able to post about my advances. And most important, show you the results.

This organization goal also applies to this little blog. Since most of the time I post about the same topics, I thought I’ll create some regular, and occasional, sections here in the blog, so the contents are easier to browse and find. Here is what I came up with:

  • Home Makeover Mondays: all about our House Makeover projects.
  • Oh Baby! Wednesdays: as a new mom of an infant I feel I have a lot to share about my experiences (I’ve considered starting a baby blog, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep up with both)
  • What I’m loving/I want now Fridays: I love shopping. But at the same time I consider myself a minimalist. Contradictory? Yes. I like to shop but I don’t like the clutter. I don’t like to have more than necessary. Less is more is my motto. But I always seem to forget that when out shopping. So to keep my home and life clutter-free I’ll pretend I’m shopping online and post about the things I find and love but don’t necessarily need. I’ve done it already. And I think it works.
  • Monthly desktop wallpapers: My favorite desktop wallpapers from Smashing magazine. I wish I knew graphic design so I can design my own. My talents don’t go so far.
  • DIY & crafts: my attempts at DIY and crafts.
  • Free printables: I’m always designing paper things: invitations, cards, posters. I’m not a pro, so my designs are very basic but I think some of them turn our pretty good and I’d like to share them.
  • Bits of our life: random things and pieces of our daily life.

I’m sure there will some other random posts from time to time, and that I’ll skip a day here and there, but I think this is basically what my blog is about. Now that I have my topics organized I think it’ll be easier for me to be consistent with posting. It’s a commitment. Happy March!

images via smashing magazine


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