home makeover – the perfect coffee table/ottoman

A while, while ago, here,  I talked about my search for an ottoman/coffee table for our living room. At that time I narrowed it down to two options. After some further consideration I realized the Restoration Hardware bench, even though gorgeous, was going to be too long for our space. All the baby stuff – bouncy seat, glider, play mat, toys, etc.- have taken over the living room and even though a playroom is on its works and eventually all the baby gear will be moved there, we’ll still need  room to be able to move comfortably. Specially with a mobile 9 month-old.

So I kept looking the internet for more options and found these:

Essex Upholstered Ottoman via WestElm

Castered Tufted Storage Ottoman via Ballards Design

Linden Ottoman via ZGallery

After talking to the mister the West Elm ottoman was not an option anymore, since he prefers a rectangular one better. I was debating between the last two and I was very close to order the Zgallery one but I had some reservations about ordering a piece of furniture without seeing it in person first. I’m very glad I didn’t. On a spur-of-the-moment-trip to Ikea, to get some other things, I took a second look at the Hovas ottoman. And? Well, it was perfect. It is rectangular, big, but not too big and it has a slipcover, which makes it baby/kid friendly. Could there be any better option? We got it in an off-white canvas fabric so when the time comes it could be moved to another room and still work.

{the green thing showing at the left bottom corner is one of baby G’s toys. Yes, I was lazy to move it to get a picture. Yes, I could crop the picture. But let’s keep it real}

All this happened at the end of November. Around the same time we were able to sell the coffee and side tables we had. Thanks Craigslist. Just on time to replace it with our new ottoman. Perfect timing.

There are still some finishing touches and some accessorizing but I think finally and hopefully soon, I’ll be able to post about the living room makeover. I’m thinking about changing the rug, though. I changed the rug. The one showing in the picture above. Love it! More on that soon!


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