mamemima – new blog!

So after this post, I kept thinking about why not starting a baby/kid blog. I’ve toyed with the idea of creating a blog where I can document all baby/kid related things for a long time, so House 36 would just focus on home projects, design, decor, diy and crafts, but the idea of keeping up with two blogs made me a little hesitant.

I worry about posting often in both blogs. Sometimes I can’t even post often in this blog! But who says I have to, right? Blogging is a creative outlet for me, it’s fun and relaxing, so I shouldn’t self-impose non-existent obligations of daily postings and stuff. And more important, I should always remember why I started blogging. In this case, I wanted to start a baby/kid blog as a diary of all my experiences raising two kids, as a testimony of my motherhood experiences, as a journal I can show to my kids someday and tell them I wrote it for them.

Why mamemima? Well, “mi mama me mima” is a very popular sentence in Spanish, one of the first kids are taught in school. It could be translated to “my mommy pampers me“. And that’s want I want to do for my boys! The whole sentence was too long for a blog name and the mister said it sounded like a riddle. He couldn’t even pronounce it without getting stuck. 😉 I like the sentence and didn’t want to give it up. I started playing with it, took out the first word, shortened “mama” to ‘ma” (which is another short way to say mom) and that’s how mamemima was born.

I already migrated all the baby related posts (that’s why you’ll see some pictures with the House36 logo) to have the complete story in one place. Someday I’d like to turn the blog into a book to present to my kids so I wanted everything baby/kid related to be there.

Oh baby! Wednesdays, which never happened in House36, will be happening there. If you are a mom, stop by. You’re going to like it.


Thanks for your comments!

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