free printable – closet divider template. finally!

After sharing some of the DIY details in baby G’s nursery, I got some comments and emails asking if I could share the closet dividers template. At that time I couldn’t find the template file for the life of me. I swear! I thought I had lost it. But a couple of months ago I did some cleaning of my computer files and guess what, I found it! It was saved under a random name, nothing to do with closet, divider, or even nursery. I don’t know how that happened.

The good thing is that now I’m able to share it. I apologize to some of the ladies that asked for this so long ago. I know it’s almost a year after, but I hope you can still find it useful.

All you’ll need is wrapping or scrapbooking paper, cut to 8.5×11 size. The template fits these dividers from the Container Store.

You can download them here (template 1) and here (template 2). Enjoy!

Update: Some people have requested the closet divider template with black wording instead of grey so here it is. Download it here Closet Dividers Template.


54 thoughts on “free printable – closet divider template. finally!

      1. Kathi Ryan

        Thank you so so much for sharing so generously! Your closet templates are awesome! I was wondering if it would be too much trouble on the black templates I think it’s supposed to have a 9-12 month and not a 6-12 month. My husband and son in law have tried to change it but to no avail 🙂 Thanks again…you are the best!

    1. Kris Trester

      You are so kind to share these templates, thanks so much, they will be adorable in my soon to arrive grandaughter’s closet. Scarlett isnt here yet but already has a closet full of clothes!

  1. Netty

    Sweet! Thank you SO much! Nothing like an organized space to keep some sanity (I am due with my third any day now, so I need to get on it!)

    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Brenda

    I made these for my nephew and would like to make an adult version for my closet. Is there any way you could send me a template without the words?

      1. Erin Smith

        I would also appreciate the .pdf file. I’m making these for personal use and baby gifts. I would like to be able to change the text for my closet and my older children. Pretty please?!

      1. connie

        Thank you! I actually found them after I posted the question…I found them for 0.99 ea. at the container store, but on amazon – they have them for much cheaper…6 for 2.50 or 100 for 41.00 (approximate prices).

  3. Rocio de Casa Haus

    Qué bonito y qué genial idea!!!! Oye, una cosa, me cuesta mucho encontrar dónde dejarte los comentarios en entradas sin comentarios… pero también me gustó mucho el regalo de tu hijo.

    Saludos desde México!

    1. {Nadia @ House36} Post author

      Rocio gracias por visitar mi blog! Mira que recien te puedo responder. Tienes razon, me fije en los posts sin comentarios y no sale la opcion. Que raro. Pero gracias por hacerme notar. Voy a chequear y tratar de arreglar eso. Por cierto me encanta tu blog!

  4. Chelsey

    Thanks for such an awesome template!! Just wondering if it is possible for you to post a third template, I’m looking for dividers that say 6-12 Months, 18-24 Months and 24+ Months so I have just a little more wiggle room since childrens clothing sizes vary from store to store. Thanks 🙂

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      1. Emily

        Hi Nadia – Just noticed your black wording template has 6-12 months instead of 9-12 months like the blue one. Thanks for these – they are so cute!

  7. Ashley

    I looked everywhere for a template for these… this is great! Is there any way you could send me a template without the words? Thank you!

  8. Jill

    Hello!! Thank you so much for posting your template for the closet dividers! I noticed on the grey one the sizing goes from 6-9 months then 9-12 months, but on the black ones it skips 9-12 months and goes on to 6-12 months.. is there anyway you could post or email me a 9-12 months one in black wording? Thank you so much!!

  9. Linda Levine

    These templates are great! Thanks so much! The only thing is they seem to be just a bit smaller than the container store dividers. I do have a circle punch which fits the larger edge, makes it easier. My daughter is due any day now….been up since 3am working on these. Thanks again, I appreciate it!

  10. Emily

    These are fantastic! The only thing is, on the black ones, it goes from 6-9 then 6-12 months. Is there any way I could have a 9-12 months one in black? Thanks so much!


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  13. Jessica

    Hi there! So I figured out how to get the whole template to fit, I was wondering though could you do one that says 9-12 months istead of 6-12 months? I’ve tried changing it but it hasn’t worked. I saw another lady ask for the same 😉

  14. Sandy

    I know nothing about graphics designing. Once I get the template, can you explain to a beginner how to add the backgrounds and clip art to the template. If it was in a Word Document (as a label set up) it would be much easier for me. I purchased some closet divider labels that peel and stick, but their template for it is just a pdf document as well. I have the digital papers and clip art. At the moment, I am stuck. Can you provide the steps for editing a pdf template?

  15. Tonya

    HI! I know you posted this awhile ago, but was wondering if you would share your template without words. I am wanting to put names on the tags, so that I can keep things separate. Also, I am wondering if I could use contact paper and cut with a Cricut. Any thoughts are appreciated on this idea!

  16. Jo Ann Davis


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  18. Lisa

    I have been trying to get the perfect size for my 3.5 dividers and it is not coming out right. I have a Cricut. Is there anyway that you can share the measurements for those making the from scratch. When I download the pdf on Cricut the measurements are still incorrect 😦


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