home makeover – dining room chairs slipcovers I

Getting slipcovers for the dining room chairs is an important part of my revamp plans for this room. We have a nice, solid wood table that sits eight people with extended leaves with 8 brown leather Parsons chairs. Two of them, the ones at the ends, have arms. I want slipcovers for the other six.

At first I thought about getting just plain natural canvas slipcovers. I ordered one ready-made slipcover from this store but unfortunately it didn’t fit our chairs {although according to the dimensions it should}. It fits in the back but it’s too small on the seating area. I looked at other stores and sites and I have the same problem. Apparently our Parsons chairs are a little bigger than normal. That meant I had to order custom-made slipcovers.

That’s when I started thinking, if I have to order custom-made, why not order slipcovers in my choice of fabric? It’ll be a nice way to bring in a different pattern in the room. Our rug and curtains have a damask pattern, so I’d like to add a different one.

And what’s the other pattern I love besides chevron? Stripes. Striped chairs. Why didn’t I think about that before?

image via song of style

image via vi.sualize.us

image via the inspired room

 image via pul.se

image via coastal living

image via architectsforlife

I love the casual but yet somewhat elegant {if that’s possible!} vibe these striped chairs give to these dining rooms. That’s what I’m going for.

Do you like striped dining chairs? Too casual? What do you think?


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