home makeover – an update

Hello, hello. Are you still there? I’m still here. I didn’t go anywhere, we’ve just been busy with all our home projects, taking care of our boys, enjoying time with nona and celebrating some important events. Did you all have a great Mother’s Day? We did!

There is a lot going on now. So I thought I’d post the status of the projects that we’ve completed {well, almost completed} and the ones in progress. So far, this is what we have:

The Living Room.  It’s practically finished. It’s been for months now {I’d even say for about a year}. But I still have to accessorize and style it, which is hard when my ottoman/coffee table is displaying a wonderful arrangement of rattles, blocks and balls. G’s toys have taken over this space. It’s an invasion I swear!. My few attempts of cleaning and putting the toys temporarily out for a quick photo shoot have been unsuccessful. Now that we’ve put gates up {the boy is crawling all over the place} it’s going to be even harder. That’s why I can’t wait for the family/playroom to be done. So we can move all his stuff there and I can have my Living Room back.

The Dining Room. We did great progress as I mentioned here. We also put together our console table, which looks great by the way! I still need to decide on some other pieces of furniture, slipcovers and artwork for the walls. But we can definitely see a big difference. And we love it.

The Family/Playroom. Our biggest project. And the one we need the most. We already painted it, added some carpentry (which has a whole separate story, not a very happy one) and we are finalizing the details to change changed the carpet. We still have to buy the couch (we decided on the Ektorp sofa bed from Ikea), moved out some furniture that won’t go in that room anymore and get some sort of storage system. This room is just 50% completed but we are already enjoying it. The mister and the boys get downstairs almost everyday, get on the floor (or should I say new carpet) and play some music. G goes crazy every time he sees his daddy with his guitar. It’s adorable. It’s amazing what a big difference some paint {the right color} can do.

The Patio and Yard. We have a small, small patio which railing needs to be sanded down and painted. And ideally I’d also like to add some outdoor furniture. Our current fence was very old and really damaged so we removed it. Instead of replacing it with a new fence we decided on trees. We also need some major landscaping work. And since this is all new to me my mother-in-law has been helping us a lot.

Laundry Room. I didn’t think too much about this room to be honest. I didn’t plan it or had an inspiration board for it. It kind of just happened, like the powder room. I started changing things here and there, and little by little it started to come together. It stills needs some organization but it clearly looks better than before.

Well, that’s it. I really hope we can finish all this before G’s birthday, especially the yard and patio improvements since we’ll be having an outdoor party. These are all “before” photos of course. I’m working on the “after” and “in progress” shots. You’ll see big changes. Stay tuned.


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