happy june

May was crazy busy and June will be no different. At least the first weeks. My baby boy is turning one in a week!. And, as you can imagine, we’re going crazy completing some home makeover projects and finalizing all the details for this birthday party. We’re so excited!. My sister is here, she arrived last Thursday, and she and my mom have been helping a lot.

I’m really happy they are here. It means the world to me they were able to come to share G’s first birthday. I normally handle well this situation, you know, being away from my family. I have my own family now and I’m truly thankful for them. But it really makes me sad when I think my baby is growing up without his beloved grandparents, aunt and uncles close. I know in my heart this is the way it was supposed to be. So when we have this opportunities to share special events together, I really, really cherish them.

I’ll post about some of the home projects we finished soon and all about G’s party in mamemima. (And if you like parties you can read about L’s First Communion here and here).

Can’t wait for next Sunday!

images via smashing magazine


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