free printable – wine lovers

I made this poster for my sister after I saw she had it on one of her Pinterest boards. She’d just had a buffet console custom-made for her dining room and is looking for ways to accessorize it.

I know some people are tired of the “Keep Calm and Carry On” posters {and all their versions} but I like them and I think they could be a nice piece of art to add to your home. We actually have one in the Game Room {can you guess what it says?}. There are so simple yet bold and you can create your own versions. Did you know the original poster was created in 1939 by the British Government as a “morale busting symbol” during World War I? I had no idea. Here you can read more about it.

I used Vistaprint to print it in their Premium Poster Card Stock and it came out really nice. I can’t wait for my sister to take it home, frame it and put it up. My sister already took it home, framed it and put it up as you can see. It looks great!

You can download the pdf version here.Enjoy!

Happy Wednesday!


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