home makeover – basement staircase progress

This is still a work in progress but I finally took some {grainy} pictures of the basement staircase progress. {Sorry for the quality but I’m still working on my photography skills}.

Anyway, there’s no new concept here. Just a new paint color, Benjamin Moore Silver Dollar, {although it’s hard to tell from the picture}, the same Tangier Wall Pops stripes applied to our Entry Hall staircase risers {which were originally thought for these stairs}, and a lot of black and white frames in different styles and sizes. I also had the rail painted white.

The frames are still empty. I figured if I was going to wait until I decide what to put in each frame, years can pass and the wall would still be naked. I thought once the frames were up it would be easier to know how many pictures, posters and/or art and, their exact sizes, I need.

I didn’t follow any method to hang up these frames, like I did for our Hall gallery wall. I just wish myself luck and began putting up frames, starting from the bottom and working my way up. Risky I know, since I could have ended up with a wall full of holes. Luckily I have a good eye, if I say so myself, and just needed to reposition a couple of frames.

These are small changes but I already see, and FEEL, a huge difference. Going up those stairs looking at that pretty pattern on the risers instead of that ugly, hulk-ish green color, is very pleasing to my eyes. Now I don’t mind going up and down the stairs. All the time.

More projects to come!


4 thoughts on “home makeover – basement staircase progress

  1. Jani

    Didn’t follow any method to do it?? wow, that’s amazing! I’d be so afraid to mess it up.. I’m still thinking about how to do mine. I think I’ll use pieces of paper the same size as the frames and display them on the wall using tape, then i’ll put the real ones, hope it works!


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