pictures in our home

I love taking pictures. Always have. So you can imagine my hard drive has a complete archive, organized by year, by day and event, with thousands of pictures. Birthdays, holidays, important events, milestones, outings, everyday situations. I like to document everything {at least I try}.

From time to time I like to go over my folders, look at the pictures and choose one or two of each important event, or any random ones I like, edit them a bit and print them. Then I find them a place in our home. So of course my house is full of pictures. 

Our main display is our family gallery wall in the Entry Hall with pictures of both our families {parents and siblings} and pictures of us {which by the way I have to update with pictures of G. I know, it just took me a year}. I included some artwork to make the gallery more interesting.

A stone wall in our Living Room was the perfect spot for some other displays {this is a sneak peek into the Living Room. I still need to take more photos}. A couple of pictures of our wedding and a couple of our kids, mixed with some pictures {on ledges} I took of places we’ve been.

Another photo display is in G’s nursery, with pictures of my maternity photo session at 34 months. There were so many I liked that it was hard to choose just three.

And a couple of frames frames in L’s room, with another piece of artwork.

My latest photo display project is the basement staircase gallery wall, which I have yet to choose pictures and artwork for and a gallery wall above the tv in the family/playroom.

I like to mix family, portrait pictures with more photojournalistic ones and buildings, landscapes or details shots. And for the most part I like all my pictures in either sepia or black and white in similar frames, to keep the harmony. I also think adding some type of artwork balances the display and take it to a different level.

We have more photos in our home of course. Frames on our night tables, bedroom, in our closet, in the guest bedroom, on the living room bookshelves and on the dining room console. I guess I’ll have to do a second part of pictures in our home. Yes, I love, love photos! And photos of my little family even more!

How about you? How do you display pictures in your home?


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