We’re having such a busy Summer. And although, hectic at times, it’s been fun so far. This month we have many celebrations but it’s also a little sad. My mom is leaving left yesterday, after three months of taking care of us. Because that’s what she did. Not only did she helped us with baby G but also cooked delicious Peruvian food for us, spoiled us with yummy desserts, spent time with L and did a lot of house chores. Which of course she didn’t have to do. But she’s seen firsthand that life can be a little chaotic in our household sometimes and she just wanted to make things easier for us. And we really appreciate that. I’m very grateful she was able to come and stay with us all this time.

But above all, I’m very grateful she’s been able to spend all this time with G, building memories that I’ll hold dear, keep forever in my heart. I know G is little and probably he won’t remember but she will and I will. She’s seen his first steps, his first music class, his first road trip and of course his first birthday. His first trip to an amusement park, his first trip to the city. She’s been cooking and trying to feed him new foods, playing with him, singing new songs, reading to him, teaching him new things. I’ve tried to document one and each of these moments, so when G is older I can show him photos of these beautiful moments and tell him about his Peruvian Nona.

Having her with us was a blessing. Now we are going back to our routines because life goes on. And because soon, in some months we’ll be together again. We love you Nona, thanks for everything. You are the best Nona ever!!!

images via smashing magazine


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