free printable {& sneak peek} – laundry room art

One day while at Home Goods I came across a canvas art that I immediately thought will be perfect for the laundry room. However I didn’t like the colors and overall look of it. It was not my style. As soon as I came home I designed my version. Since our laundry room has yellow accents it made sense to have a yellow background with white letters.

Once again I used Vistaprint and order a poster size print. This time I chose their regular paper. To be completely honest I’m not 100% satisfied. Their regular paper is way too thin. Once framed you can’t really see the difference, though. But I liked the thicker cardstock better. We’ll see how it holds up. For now I like how it looks in there.

You can see we finally did some work in this room. We painted white and yellow stripes {what can I do, I’m obsessed} and added some hanging bars I got from Ikea. We also had someone add wall-to-wall wood shelving on one side of the room {which was not a very pleasant experience}, covered some visible pipes with curtains, added long white curtains on the other side and placed a rug. I still have some details to finish and I’m waiting for a moment when the laundry room looks decent to snap some pictures.

If you like it, you can download it here {yellow} and here {black}. Enjoy!

Happy Friday!

Update: I’m linking up with Tatertos & Jello. Hope over there to check out other amazing DIY projects!


2 thoughts on “free printable {& sneak peek} – laundry room art

  1. Melissa Bishay

    Once again your blog sent me inspiration and cheer all at one time and even addresses the very spot in the home that has been on my mind. We have our house on the market and hope to be in our new house very soon…the laundry room will be the first room I tackle believe it or not!! We are buying our forever house, a place to raise our three children, and I have always dreamed of a beautiful laundry/
    mudroom space. We have been in our current house for 8 years and our laundry room here it so tiny and very unusable. So, as I sit here, exhausted from the night before with my 5 month old and 5 year old who is having sleep issues, very sad that the 5 year old and 7 year old are gone all day this year for the very first time, your post has literally made my morning!! Now I need to learn how to paint stripes and make my laundry room (when we move in) look as amazing and inspiring as yours. You are a breath of fresh air!! Wish you could help me live in person!!

    mumudroom spa

    1. Sunrise Willows

      Hi, Please forgive the intrusion. I have been looking for a school friend with your name for several years and have not yet found her. Melissa would know me by my former name of Marina. She grew up in Metheringham, Lincolnshire. Is this you?


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