black & white halloween

In three years I’ve never decorated our house for Halloween. You see, back in my country, Halloween is not that big of a deal. I mean, yes, kids dress-up in costumes and they go out trick or treating, and even some adults attend Halloween parties. But houses decorated? No. Being in the States for almost 7 years now {wow!} I’ve seen how special Halloween can be for the little ones here. They love wearing their costumes, trick or treating, going to Halloween parties, making Halloween crafts and more. So I wanted to add to the excitement of this Holiday this year throwing a Halloween party for the kids. And of course decorating the house, a little, according to the occasion.

G is still to little to understand, but L does, and Halloween is one of his favorite Holidays. So starting tomorrow I’ll {try to} have some type of Halloween decor up by the time he comes home from school. I decided on simple decorations. Nothing fancy, and if possible, made not bought. Black and white with little touches of orange. I already finished {well, almost} my first Halloween wreath!

Here is some of inspiration around the web.

{image via the decorated house}

{image via apartment therapy}

{image via diynetwork}

{image via that’s smart deco}

{image via craft-o-maniac}

{image via etsy}

{image via a pumpkin and a princess}

Stay tuned for my $4 wreath! Happy Wednesday!


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