halloween decor {on a budget} – spider web art

Remember my Halloween wreath? Well, in all my excitement for finishing my first Halloween project I didn’t consider how it would hold up on our front door. We don’t have a covered porch, just an overhang. Silly me, I thought that’d be enough to protect it from the rain. Well, it wasn’t. Next day it was hung I looked at it and it was already a little wet. And it didn’t even rain that night!

Obviously it was not going to resist real rain. So I brought it inside the house and I was left with an empty front door again. I thought about making another wreath, this time of fabric, but wasn’t very convinced so I put aside the idea while I worked on L’s Halloween costume. I have to sew pants for his costume and I needed a tutorial. I’ve never sewn pants before {or any piece of clothing for that matter. Do bow ties count?} so I headed to Made, one of my favorite blogs to find sewing tutorials. While browsing I saw this spider web art project. I happened to have an empty frame that I already painted all white for another project. So this was perfect!

I didn’t have any yarn around so I used some white crochet thread  that my mom left last year {she knitted some really cute sweaters for G}. I really should have used orange twine for a little bit of color though.

I really took me about 20 minutes to make the web. I added the rest of the glitter spiders I used for the wreath. After seeing the finished product I wanted to paint the frame orange since I think the contrast would have looked nicer but never got to it. To hang the frame I added a piece of grey ribbon I had but, now looking at the pictures I don’t like it much. Maybe some orange ribbon?

This was another easy, simple and very budget-friendly Halloween craft. I still have a couple more DIY Halloween projects to share so come back soon.

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