oh! sandy…& happy halloween!

Sandy made her presence in the Tri-State area. And she was not nice. She left many parts of NYC under water and in the dark. Lots of people have been left without a home and without heat just now when the weather is starting to get really cold. The situation in the suburbs is not any better. Streets are filled with fallen trees, electrical wires and lots of towns still have no power. It definitely sucks but considering the size of this hurricane, things could have been worse. We’re lucky and thankful no serious damage has occurred.

I haven’t been able to post anything since we don’t have electricity since Monday. Right now I’m using one of our iPhones to get wi-fi access {thanks to my techie husband}.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who voted for us in the Apartment Therapy Room for Color contest. We didn’t win on our division, but we came in the Top 5, which is awesome considering we entered the contest just a few days before the first round ended. You still have some minutes to vote for your favorite. Go here and see the finalists {contest ends today at 15:00 EST}.

We had our Halloween Party last Friday and we also attended the town Halloween Parade on Saturday. Last year we didn’t get to do any Halloween activities before the 31st so I’m glad we had some fun before Sandy visited us. Trick-or-treating and other Halloween events has been postponed until Friday. I know Halloween is over now, but I still have a couple more DIY projects to share and of course our Halloween party details. Stay tuned!

Happy Halloween!


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