christmas treat bags {santa kisses}

{Even though it’s been a busy month I’m very glad I was able to complete some of the Christmas projects in my list. Christmas is just four days away so there isn’t much time left but still wanted to share!}

We attended a Christmas party a couple of weekends ago and I wanted to bring a little something for the kids. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you but the web is full of inspiring ideas. But at the same time it can be overwhelming {at least to me}. So I closed my browser and decided to make something similar to these Christmas favor bags I did last year. Ok, ok. It’s almost the same. Ok, it’s the same. I just changed the deliverer. Instead of Elves leaving kisses, this time it was Santa who left them.

I bought my supplies {little Santa treat bags and red ribbon from the Dollar Store, and Hershey Kisses}, designed a little tag, enlisted L’s help and in less than 20 minutes we had our little bags of Santa Kisses ready. After we started filling the bags I realized the bags were too big. I mean, for Santa’s face to be in full view we would have had to fill it with a third of a bag of Hershey kisses. Which would have made it not exactly a treat, right? Those were the only bags I had on hand so we used them anyway.

santa_kisses_treats_a santa_kisses_treats_bsanta_kisses_treats_c


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