christmas cards display

{Even though it’s been a busy month I’m very glad I was able to complete some of the Christmas projects in my list. Christmas is a few days away so there isn’t much time left but still wanted to share!}

Last year we hung Christmas cards on our stairs. We really liked how the hall looked very merry and festive. It was also a great way for guests to take some time and take a look at the cards. They were mostly photo cards, and who doesn’t like to see a picture of cute kids {or pets}, right?

This year, I did the same, with a little variation. I added some paper fans to the balusters. To be completely honest, it was not planned like that. I made the paper fans for our living room Christmas display but they turned out to be too big {don’t ask me why I didn’t measure before}. I had to make another set of four, smaller paper fans, so I was left with four big ones. I looked at different places to hang them and they didn’t look right anywhere…except the hallway!

The size was right to hang the four paper fans. Since we are four, I had the idea to put our initials on each of them. Perfect! This year I also step it up a notch and painted the clothespins and decorated them with glue glitter.

christmascarddisplayThe paper fans match the ones in the Living Room, so everything looks coordinated. I like that! I also like that the garland allows to hang many cards. I don’t have a recent picture but now the whole railing is cover with cards.

A new project for next year will be to create a display/storage of all Christmas cards we’ve got, organizing them by year. I hope I’ll get to that for next Christmas!


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