I know, this post is way overdue, Christmas was three weeks ago but we FINALLY got to put away all the Christmas decor. I’m always excited and super motivated to start putting up our Christmas decorations. But not so much about putting all down. I just dislike that part. So we procrastinated and procrastinated. My parents left a week ago after a couple of exhausting, but happy weeks, and right after that I was down with a horrible cold. Maybe that could also explain why we didn’t do this before.

I needed to buy more storage bins since all our “Christmas stuff” suddenly grew much. I really don’t know how because I didn’t buy much. I guess I had my craft game on. Anyway, I got some red bins at Target on sale and thought I may make this putting-away process more enjoyable if I “prettify” my boxes a bit. There is something about a pretty label or box, or pretty whatever, that makes me happy. So I quickly designed some labels, printed them and stuck them to my boxes with some clear contact paper. Now my boxes, not only look cute, but they are all organized. This will make things easier next year when we are trying to find those extra Christmas light that we knew we had somewhere!

DSC_1328 copy Publication1 (2)I made G helped us a little, but after a few minutes of putting ornaments in a bag he got bored. We took the tree outside, put the boxes in the attic and rearranged the furniture. The Living Room feels a bit empty now. We’ll just have to get used to it again, and maybe finish our Living Room makeover. Will it happen this year? Hopefully!


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