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january-13-fresh_start__68-calendar-1920x1200 january-13-thought_for_the_new_year__58-calendar-1920x1440 january-13-january_moustache2013__65-calendar-1920x1200 january-13-new_year__98-calendar-1920x1200 january-13-welcome_to_january__72-calendar-1920x1200{images via smashing magazine}

I know, I may sound like a broken record, but time flies! January is almost over. This year I have the intention to be a little more organized with my time and do a better job planning my personal and our family schedules and events. It’s been a month and I haven’t done a very good job at that. I’m not looking for excuses, but my family from Perú was visiting for a couple of weeks, and right after they left we all got sick with a horrible cold {we made sure to get our flu shots, so hopefully this won’t happen again} and just a couple of weeks ago L had appendicitis. Thank God everything went well, and he’s all healthy now.

Even though I haven’t accomplished much in the organization/planning aspect, we did put away all our Christmas decor and fixed a couple of things around the house. That’s something, right? {I still see some houses with their Christmas decor out, so I feel better}.

At the beginning of the year M and I talked about our goals for 2013. We didn’t set any resolutions, just discussed what we’d like to carry out, both for our family and on a personal level, this year. And we finished our conversation saying this year was going to be awesome! {that’s why I chose this photo}. We didn’t start on the right foot in the health department, but now that we can put that behind us, new and exciting opportunities are outlining for us. We’re very excited, but I won’t lie, also a little nervous. We’ll need a lot of time management {can you tell? I haven’t post in a month!} and organization skills to make this work.

I’m crossing my fingers everything will fall into place and we’ll succeed in our new adventures. It’s going to be a lot of work, but so rewarding. Can’t wait for all the great things coming this year!


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