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{images via smashing magazine}


My intention is to post these desktop wallpapers the first of every month, or at least the first week. But the first week, turns into the second, and then the third and by the time I notice the month is over. One thing I realized is that although I have the time, I’m not being very organized with it. I start doing something, and then switch to something else. An hour later or so I pick up another task and the cycle continues throughout the day. Then the day is over and I never finish task number one.

I do get things done in the middle, especially work related. But I really think I need better time management skills so I can be much more productive. I’ve been working on that for a long time and still need to improve. Specially since I’m expecting the same thing from my 8 year-old. We noticed he has some difficulty focusing on one task at a time {meaning a 20-min homework takes an hour to complete}. I can not really demand something I not doing myself, right? Work in progress I guess.

March and April were busy months. We got some things done around the house. I find it interesting, how I plan things in my head, like I mentioned here. But then one day I just randomly change my mind, and do something completely different. I’m still debating if that’s a good thing {flexibility, spontaneity I guess are always positive things} or a bad thing {unpredictability?). However, whatever changes I made, I do so thinking about our family dynamics. I try to adjust our home to our current needs and habits, and although it may be a little uncommon sometimes {turning a dining room into a playroom?!} it works for us. We still have big hopes to redo the bathrooms this Summer, or maybe Spring. And the second floor rooms switching is happening. That’s going to be interesting since I’ll be gone for a month. I gave M the task to start moving the furniture from room to room so we’ll see what I find when I come back.

May has been another hectic month, full of family and friends events. G and I are already in Lima, Peru and we’re having a great time. But we miss L and M and we’re looking forward to seeing them in a couple of weeks. It’s going to be an intense week, celebrating G’s second birthday, going on a little trip, celebrating a cousin’s wedding, seeing family and friends, and to end our vacation celebrating Father’s Day. We can’t wait!


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