october – octubre

oct-13-aryle-october-cal-1920x1200 oct-13-happy-halloween-cal-1920x1200 oct-13-october-gift-cal-1920x1200 oct-13-beautiful-autumn-cal-1400x1050{images via smashing magazine}

Ok, this is going to be a long post rant. First of all, I made it! I posted my October desktop calendar on the first of the month live! It may sound silly but it means a lot to me.
Second I decided to keep this blog, house 36, in WordPress. I know, it’s not the most smart thing to do, switching platforms. But I kept receiving comments and a couple of followers on WordPress and I was not replying to those comments because I was not checking that blog anymore. I probably should have closed my WordPress blog, but it was linked to from other sites and from features I got so I left it live. Since I haven’t posted much since the beginning of the year on the new Blogger account, I decided to transfer my recent posts from Blogger to WordPress so I can have everything in one place. I spent about hour and a half of my Sunday night, transferring my newer post onto WordPress manually. It sounds silly and makes no sense, but being the anal and type A person I am, when I got an idea in my head I just have to do it. So now, everything is back on WordPress and I’ll keep blogging here. Well, if you can call blogging my sporadic posting.

September was busy. What’s new, right? I couldn’t do my monthly balance even though I started it and it stayed in the drafts folders unfinished. One thing here, another one there, or maybe it’s because I’m not a writer and can’t really start and finish a post in an hour like most bloggers do. But I guess that’s OK because I’m not a writer, just a woman, wife, mom, designer, trying to document parts of our life, from family adventures to home remodel projects. Also English is not my first language and as I mentioned before, I used to wait for M to proof read my posts before hitting “publish”. Until I decided it was ok to make mistakes. However I’m still not very confident to just publish so posts stay in my draft folder for days, weeks, etc. I thought about writing in Spanish, but my goal to write in English was to improve my skill in the language so I think I’ll stick to it.

Ok, rant over. So now about the fun stuff. On the house front we have so many projects lined up. I doubt they will happen this month but we have started to plan and schedule things, have even drawn sketches and got bids but I’ll write about that on a separate post.

Finally how can I not mention this month favorite holiday? Halloween! Last year our Halloween party was so much fun that we’ve decided to do it again this year. We also plan on going on some traditional season activities like apple and pumpkin picking, corn mazes, Halloween parades and much more. Welcome October!


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