halloween around our home

Just some pictures of our Halloween decor this year. This year I kept the festive decor to the entry hall and dining room. I re-used most of last year decorations. They were in good shape and I didn’t have time to make new things. I think it worked and everything looks completely different.

DSC_0999 copyWEB DSC_1000 copyWEB_edited-1{ card stock bats }

I love our card stock bats. It was such an easy project yet makes a big impact. Last year our friends the bats visited us in our dining room and gallery wall {you can see them here}. These year they migrated to the hall. The sweetest thing was the next morning after putting these little guys up {I did it at night while the boys were sleeping}. L and G were coming down the stairs when I heard L say “Look G, bats” and G responded “Wow, bats! Cool”. So cute! DSC_1231 copyWEBDSC_1224 copyWEB_edited-1 DSC_1243 copyWEB_edited-1{ halloween gallery art }

What an easy way to decorate for this occasion with a Halloween gallery art. No, I didn’t make nor print new Halloween art or photos. I just re-used my last year Halloween printables and some Halloween scrap booking paper I got on sale. And I didn’t take the frames down and switch photos/pictures {who has the time!}. No, I just taped them on top of the glass with painters tape. To disguise my lazy approach I added some white web around. The final touch, twisting the frames. Last year Spider Web art ended here, too.

DSC_1229 copyWEB DSC_1249 copyWEB{ halloween pennant }

I used the “BOO” signs from last year’s party {you can see it here} to make a new Halloween pennant. I added a back layer {spider web paper trays I got at the Christmas Store last year} to make it a little more interesting. I completed the look with a few things I had around. L carved a pumpkin last weekend at a local Fall festival. I’m honestly not a big fan of real pumpkins, but I had to include it in our decor since my boy made it. I also repeated last year stripped candle project, this time with skinny, tall candles.

We’re having a little Halloween party for some family and friends tomorrow so I still have more decorating to do!


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