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G’s 1st birthday party in hostess with the mostess

Giacomo’s first birthday party was featured in Hostess with the Mostess last week. I know, I’m so bad at keeping up with all these things. You can still head over there to check out all the details about this party that was planned with much love and joy. All for my little man. We love you G!

free printable – closet divider template. round 2

I’ve meant to create a new set of these closet dividers now that G is one year old and his closet is rapidly filling with 2T, 3T, 4T and even 5T clothes. {Yes, I’m that obsessed with buying clothes for my boy}. I also have tons of L’s hand-me-downs that I want to save for G. But those need a different storage system. For now I keep them in bins under the bed in G’s room.

Anyway, a recent comment asking for these divider templates with a different size grouping gave me the perfect excuse to finally get to make them.

These new set is grouped: 6-12m, 12-18m, 18-24m, 24m, 3T and 4T. I know each clothing brand has different sizing, so hopefully these new set will be useful for some of you. Again, I hope it’s not too late.

You can download them here and here. Enjoy!

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my boy is one!

I can’t believe my little monkey turned one last Monday. I know we all moms say time flies, and it did. But at the same time it feels we have gone through so many things, good and some others not so good, together. It’s been a year full of laughter, fun, love, joy, but at the same time some tears, doubts and fears. G came to our lives and changed them completely, for good. He’s our little gift from God.

We celebrated with a fun party on Sunday. It was a lot of work. But we enjoyed all the crafting, decorating, cooking, baking, even the cleaning! My mom and sister worked so hard and I could not be happier and thankful that they were here for such an important date.

We had a photographer to document the event {I wanted to enjoy the party and not worry about taking pictures} so I can’t wait to see his photos. Coming soon!

mamemima – new blog!

So after this post, I kept thinking about why not starting a baby/kid blog. I’ve toyed with the idea of creating a blog where I can document all baby/kid related things for a long time, so House 36 would just focus on home projects, design, decor, diy and crafts, but the idea of keeping up with two blogs made me a little hesitant.

I worry about posting often in both blogs. Sometimes I can’t even post often in this blog! But who says I have to, right? Blogging is a creative outlet for me, it’s fun and relaxing, so I shouldn’t self-impose non-existent obligations of daily postings and stuff. And more important, I should always remember why I started blogging. In this case, I wanted to start a baby/kid blog as a diary of all my experiences raising two kids, as a testimony of my motherhood experiences, as a journal I can show to my kids someday and tell them I wrote it for them.

Why mamemima? Well, “mi mama me mima” is a very popular sentence in Spanish, one of the first kids are taught in school. It could be translated to “my mommy pampers me“. And that’s want I want to do for my boys! The whole sentence was too long for a blog name and the mister said it sounded like a riddle. He couldn’t even pronounce it without getting stuck. 😉 I like the sentence and didn’t want to give it up. I started playing with it, took out the first word, shortened “mama” to ‘ma” (which is another short way to say mom) and that’s how mamemima was born.

I already migrated all the baby related posts (that’s why you’ll see some pictures with the House36 logo) to have the complete story in one place. Someday I’d like to turn the blog into a book to present to my kids so I wanted everything baby/kid related to be there.

Oh baby! Wednesdays, which never happened in House36, will be happening there. If you are a mom, stop by. You’re going to like it.

baby G’s nursery in I heart organizing!

The lovely Jen from I Heart Organizing is featuring baby G’s nursery and closet in her blog today! Head over there to check it out!

If you come from there, these are some nursery-related posts that may interested you:

the nursery – inspiration

the nursery – color scheme

the nursery – mood boards

the nursery – floor plan

the nursery – DIY details 1

the nursery – DIY details 2

the nursery – DIY details 3

the nursery – chevron wall

the nursery – big reveal

the nursery – the breakdown

Thanks Jen for the feature!

fringed lanterns

A little late but hope you all had a great President’s Day and had some time off to relax. The mister had to work so it was not really a three-day weekend for us. 😦 But we got to do some cleaning and de-cluttering. Yay for spring cleaning coming!

In another note I’m thinking of doing this for baby G’s birthday party. It’s a great alternative to the usual tissue paper pom poms. They are definitely more work but we can filled them with confetti for some extra fun.

images via oh happy day

Oh yes, baby’s party is just 4 months away…I’d better start planning!

what I’m loving now…

Baby Gap First Favorites: New Collection

I got baby G some pieces of Baby Gap First Favorites and loved them all! Particularly their footed pajamas. They feel so comfy and baby G looks so cute in them. Baby Gap just came up with a new First Favorites Collection and it’s lovely.These will be a perfect gift to welcome a little one into this world. Simply adorable!

please, vote for my boy!

Since I started this blog I always said to myself that I would never ask for votes or things like that if I got into an online contest or something. Nothing wrong with it. Just a personal choice. But I guess that changes when you have kids! So here I’m, asking you to please vote for my baby boy.

He’s running for Kid of the Week (this week ending tomorrow. I know, I should have posted before but read above) and eventually Kid of the Year in Parents Magazine. He started at #97 and he’s now #6! With your votes I’m pretty sure we can do it!

The contest ends tomorrow night at 11:59 p.m. Please, please help us with your votes. You can vote daily (today and tomorrow) from different devices each day (iphone, ipad, smartphone, laptop, desktop. Every vote counts!) Click “Vote for me” below and it’ll take you to the voting page.

 Vote for me!


Thanks so much in advance. You are all the best!



baby G’s nursery in babble

I love Babble. It’s full of great articles and information about all things baby, kids and parenting of course. So I was thrilled to find out they included baby G’s nursery in their “Top 15 ways to Add Chevron to your nursery” post  some months ago.

A couple of days ago it was mentioned again, this time in their “12 Gender-Neutral Baby Nursery Ideas” post. Head over to Babble and check it out! Happy Friday!!!