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halloween around our home

Just some pictures of our Halloween decor this year. This year I kept the festive decor to the entry hall and dining room. I re-used most of last year decorations. They were in good shape and I didn’t have time to make new things. I think it worked and everything looks completely different.

DSC_0999 copyWEB DSC_1000 copyWEB_edited-1{ card stock bats }

I love our card stock bats. It was such an easy project yet makes a big impact. Last year our friends the bats visited us in our dining room and gallery wall {you can see them here}. These year they migrated to the hall. The sweetest thing was the next morning after putting these little guys up {I did it at night while the boys were sleeping}. L and G were coming down the stairs when I heard L say “Look G, bats” and G responded “Wow, bats! Cool”. So cute! DSC_1231 copyWEBDSC_1224 copyWEB_edited-1 DSC_1243 copyWEB_edited-1{ halloween gallery art }

What an easy way to decorate for this occasion with a Halloween gallery art. No, I didn’t make nor print new Halloween art or photos. I just re-used my last year Halloween printables and some Halloween scrap booking paper I got on sale. And I didn’t take the frames down and switch photos/pictures {who has the time!}. No, I just taped them on top of the glass with painters tape. To disguise my lazy approach I added some white web around. The final touch, twisting the frames. Last year Spider Web art ended here, too.

DSC_1229 copyWEB DSC_1249 copyWEB{ halloween pennant }

I used the “BOO” signs from last year’s party {you can see it here} to make a new Halloween pennant. I added a back layer {spider web paper trays I got at the Christmas Store last year} to make it a little more interesting. I completed the look with a few things I had around. L carved a pumpkin last weekend at a local Fall festival. I’m honestly not a big fan of real pumpkins, but I had to include it in our decor since my boy made it. I also repeated last year stripped candle project, this time with skinny, tall candles.

We’re having a little Halloween party for some family and friends tomorrow so I still have more decorating to do!

our little halloween project in Oh my! creative

Yesterday Susan from Oh my! creative featured our one and only 2013 Halloween project. I’m really flattered she picked my Spooky Door Knockers  among so many other amazing ideas.

Head over there and check out all the amazing and creative crafts. Sometimes I find it mind-blowing how many imaginative, artistic, talented people are out there. Really, I wish my days had extra hours just to browse away and navigate through some much inspiration.

I warn you. Be sure you have time on your hands when you visit her site because you’ll stay glued to your screen. You’ll be inspired. So many ideas, so many projects!

DSC_0899 copy1Halloween Door Knocker

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing our Halloween decor this year. So stay tuned!

halloween decor {on a budget} – chic spooky door knockers

DSC_0883 copyWEB I mentioned in my last post that this year I re-used most of our Halloween decorations, just switching things around a bit and relocating everything. The Halloween wreath and Spider Web art ended up somewhere else in the house, leaving the front doors empty.

I was at the Dollar Store the other day looking for something I could use for the front door, when I saw these spooky plastic door knockers. I immediately remembered this cool project I ran into while browsing some Halloween linky parties last week. Not sure why, but I just grabbed one knocker {the skull} even though we have double entry doors {I guess I thought I was just going to see how it came out first}. Since I couldn’t find a frame I like I picked a mirror, thinking it’d make the project a little more interesting {and it did}.

I gave the mirror frame some coats of white spray paint and used gold for the knocker. I attached the plastic knocker to the mirror with super glue and used command hooks to hang it on the door. I liked the result so I went back to the store to get another skull door knocker. Of course they didn’t have any more. I grabbed a mummy instead. Ideally they’d match but whatever. I still like them.

DSC_0886 copyWEB_edited-1 DSC_0901 copyWEB DSC_0891 copyWEBDSC_0902 copyWEBI like this little project a lot. It’s a good alternative to the classic “front door wreath”. I like wreaths, too, but sometimes it’s nice to think outside the box and do something more original and unique. You can use different frame types and sizes, different backgrounds {fabric, paper, etc}. The possibilities are endless.

The whole project cost $4 dollars and took me about half hour to make. You can’t beat that, right?

Linking up with Sugar and Dots, Polkadots on Parade, Ginger Snap Crafts, Made in a Day, Oh my Creative, 52 mantels.

halloween decor {on a budget} – 2012 projects recap

DSC_1208 copyWEBLast year I did a mini series about chic Halloween decor on a budget and shared a few projects I did to decorate our home for this spooky holiday. Most of the decorations were still in good shape so it made sense just to re-use them again this year instead of making new stuff. I didn’t, however, want to display the decorations the same way I did last year. So I recycled and updated them a little and changed their place.

I figured to get into Halloween mood and before sharing my new re-purposed and recycled Halloween decorations and because I haven’t taken pictures yet, I’d make a little recap of my favorite projects from last year.

DSC_1006 copyWEB{ spider web art }

DSC_0952 copyWEB{ easy striped halloween candles }

DSC_1219 copyWEB{ free halloween printables }

DSC_1007 copyWEB_edited-1{ $4 halloween wreath }

DSC_0957 copyWEB{ easy newspaper fans and Halloween garland }

I didn’t get to post about these newspaper fans and Halloween garland last year. I made them to hang from our TV in the living room.  For the garland I threaded three different Halloween cut outs {pumpkin, bat & skull} I found at the Dollar Store combined with black, orange and white card stock circles with orange twine. For the paper fans I used some sheets of newspaper and black and orange card stock circles. Here’s a cool tutorial for making paper fans if you need one.

DSC_1218 copyWEB

{ card stock bats }

This was one of the easiest projects we made last year. And I said “we” because L helped by cutting the bat silhouettes. I got the idea from Made but the original idea is from Country Living. They even have Halloween templates you can download here.

Hope you like these little projects and maybe try some of them. Stay tuned for a new quick, easy and extremely budget friendly Halloween project!

valentines around our home

Love is in the air…I couldn’t contain myself and went ahead and decorated our hall. This is the first time I decorated for Valentine’s Day, so I wasn’t sure what to do. After a little brainstorming, I came up with something simple but cute. And of course, with three boys in the house, I had to add a little blue to the obvious red and pink color scheme.

valentines_decor_1 valentines_decor_2 valentines_decor_3 valentines_decor_4The pictures above are just a sneak peek of our Dining Room. I’m hosting a Valentines Play date {actually two!} for my little one and some of his friends this week and this is part of the decor. So excited!

christmas stockings & paper fans

{Even though it’s been a busy month I’m very glad I was able to complete some of the Christmas projects in my list. Christmas is a few days away so there isn’t much time left here but still wanted to share!}

Last year we didn’t get Christmas stocking for the kids, because we spent the Holidays in Perú and stocking are not really a tradition over there. This year however, I definitely wanted to get them cute Christmas stockings, as it’ll be our first Christmas together at home.

I wasn’t sure what type of stocking to buy, classic, modern? I was indecisive until I saw this picture, from my inspiration post, and well, I felt inspired to attempt to sew stockings. Yes. I decided I wanted to make my own stockings. I googled, found a simple and easy tutorial, went to the craft store to get some fabric and put to work.

christmas_decor_1christmas_stockings_2Also, I was planning on hand stitching the letters, but after I glued them to secure them to the stocking I got lazy and decided to leave them like that. Yes, I like easy and simple.

christmas_decor_4christmas_decor_8christmas_decor_2To finish decorating, I got some red and silver nesting boxes and wrapped a couple of boxes with some leftover wrapping paper, and created and framed a sign saying “A gift for you”. I love, love the way everything looks together, festive, merry, very Christmas-y!

Feliz Navidad a todos!

christmas cards display

{Even though it’s been a busy month I’m very glad I was able to complete some of the Christmas projects in my list. Christmas is a few days away so there isn’t much time left but still wanted to share!}

Last year we hung Christmas cards on our stairs. We really liked how the hall looked very merry and festive. It was also a great way for guests to take some time and take a look at the cards. They were mostly photo cards, and who doesn’t like to see a picture of cute kids {or pets}, right?

This year, I did the same, with a little variation. I added some paper fans to the balusters. To be completely honest, it was not planned like that. I made the paper fans for our living room Christmas display but they turned out to be too big {don’t ask me why I didn’t measure before}. I had to make another set of four, smaller paper fans, so I was left with four big ones. I looked at different places to hang them and they didn’t look right anywhere…except the hallway!

The size was right to hang the four paper fans. Since we are four, I had the idea to put our initials on each of them. Perfect! This year I also step it up a notch and painted the clothespins and decorated them with glue glitter.

christmascarddisplayThe paper fans match the ones in the Living Room, so everything looks coordinated. I like that! I also like that the garland allows to hang many cards. I don’t have a recent picture but now the whole railing is cover with cards.

A new project for next year will be to create a display/storage of all Christmas cards we’ve got, organizing them by year. I hope I’ll get to that for next Christmas!

christmas treat bags {santa kisses}

{Even though it’s been a busy month I’m very glad I was able to complete some of the Christmas projects in my list. Christmas is just four days away so there isn’t much time left but still wanted to share!}

We attended a Christmas party a couple of weekends ago and I wanted to bring a little something for the kids. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you but the web is full of inspiring ideas. But at the same time it can be overwhelming {at least to me}. So I closed my browser and decided to make something similar to these Christmas favor bags I did last year. Ok, ok. It’s almost the same. Ok, it’s the same. I just changed the deliverer. Instead of Elves leaving kisses, this time it was Santa who left them.

I bought my supplies {little Santa treat bags and red ribbon from the Dollar Store, and Hershey Kisses}, designed a little tag, enlisted L’s help and in less than 20 minutes we had our little bags of Santa Kisses ready. After we started filling the bags I realized the bags were too big. I mean, for Santa’s face to be in full view we would have had to fill it with a third of a bag of Hershey kisses. Which would have made it not exactly a treat, right? Those were the only bags I had on hand so we used them anyway.

santa_kisses_treats_a santa_kisses_treats_bsanta_kisses_treats_c

my own christmas countdown

Creating a Christmas countdown Activity list for my kids was a lot of fun. I really want them to enjoy this season. And although G doesn’t understand yet and L doesn’t show the excitement and enthusiasm I’d like sometimes, I think it’s a great way to create some anticipation to that special day. I won’t get tired of saying it, I love Christmas!

I love it so much that I’m enjoying my own Christmas countdown. I had so much fun decorating for Halloween, that I wanted to do it all over again for Christmas. I made a list of Christmas crafts and ideas that I’m working on. Some are done, some are still waiting. And like my Halloween projects, these crafts are very easy {some extremely easy} and very budget friendly. Of course, I scoured the web for some inspiration.

– Christmas pillow covers. How cute is this one? {at least one}.


{image via etsy}

– Christmas artwork. Glitter = festive in my book.

DIY glitter reindeer art main BLOG2

{image via shakentogetherlife}

– Christmas napkin rings and table cards. It can’t get better than stripes {ok, maybe chevron}. Simple and cute.


{image via prudentbaby}

– Christmas table runner. How lovely is this table runner? So delicate.


{image via prettymyparty}

I have a couple more projects and I’ll be sharing them next week. So stay tuned.

Happy Saturday and happy crafting!