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and the halloween festivities begun!

Last Friday we kicked off our Halloween festivities with a little Halloween party we hosted at home. As I mentioned before, we did it for the first time last year {you can see our party featured in WeeWestchester here} and it was so much fun, we wanted to do it again. And after this second time we now know it’s going to be a family tradition. It was complete chaos, with kids, ages 3 months to 9 years old, running around but so much fun. Head over to mamemima to check it out.

halloween1Next day, L had a Halloween birthday party and later we had planned to go to our town’s annual Halloween parade. The plan was that M and G walked to town, and then L and I would meet them there to watch the parade and  return home together. Well, L and I never made it to the parade!

halloween2There were some Halloween events going on in the neighboring towns, but I didn’t expect it  to be this traffic mayhem. L was disappointed.  But we didn’t give up, though. We finally got to our town and met G and M for frozen yogurt.

halloween3Sunday morning we took our weekly family walk and pay a visit to the scarecrows at a nearby park. The scarecrows were made by local middle school and high school students so it was a great show of kids creativity.

halloween4This week, the Halloween festivities continued. G had a couple of Halloween celebrations yesterday morning and today has a Halloween parade. L was allowed to wear his costume to school and will have a little celebration in his classroom.

halloween5Of course today’s highlight will be tonight when we go out trick or treating. L is very excited and has been training G to say “tik or trit”. So cute!

I have to say it’s been a great Halloween 2013 and I can honestly say that I definitely enjoy Halloween more since I had kids. Really.

Happy Halloween! Feliz Dia de las Brujas!

our little halloween project in Oh my! creative

Yesterday Susan from Oh my! creative featured our one and only 2013 Halloween project. I’m really flattered she picked my Spooky Door Knockers  among so many other amazing ideas.

Head over there and check out all the amazing and creative crafts. Sometimes I find it mind-blowing how many imaginative, artistic, talented people are out there. Really, I wish my days had extra hours just to browse away and navigate through some much inspiration.

I warn you. Be sure you have time on your hands when you visit her site because you’ll stay glued to your screen. You’ll be inspired. So many ideas, so many projects!

DSC_0899 copy1Halloween Door Knocker

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing our Halloween decor this year. So stay tuned!

apartment therapy room for color 2012 contest

I interrupt my Halloween decor {on a budget} series to ask for your help. Yesterday we entered Apartment Therapy Room for Color 2012 contest and have rapidly escalated to the top 10 rooms in the “Light” division {the leading rooms have been in the contest for weeks!}.

Please help us with your vote to get to the second round. This initial round ends October 29th, at noon. You can only vote once so if you could spread the word around I’d truly appreciate it.

Please vote for us. Go here to vote. Thanks so much!

I’ll be back with more Halloween decor ideas.

G’s 1st birthday party in hostess with the mostess

Giacomo’s first birthday party was featured in Hostess with the Mostess last week. I know, I’m so bad at keeping up with all these things. You can still head over there to check out all the details about this party that was planned with much love and joy. All for my little man. We love you G!

baby G’s nursery in I heart organizing!

The lovely Jen from I Heart Organizing is featuring baby G’s nursery and closet in her blog today! Head over there to check it out!

If you come from there, these are some nursery-related posts that may interested you:

the nursery – inspiration

the nursery – color scheme

the nursery – mood boards

the nursery – floor plan

the nursery – DIY details 1

the nursery – DIY details 2

the nursery – DIY details 3

the nursery – chevron wall

the nursery – big reveal

the nursery – the breakdown

Thanks Jen for the feature!

chic mama

Are we already Thursday?! These have been some busy days around House 36. I’m trying to finish our Living Room makeover, getting everything ready for L’s party this weekend, attending play dates with baby G and crossfitting. Yep, I finally made the time to squeeze some exercise into my daily routine. Next step, watch my diet. Mmmm…that’s going to be a little hard with all the Holidays coming up. Well, at least I’m exercising, right?

A couple of weeks ago Paula, from treschicmama, a maternity fashion and lifestyle blog, featured one of my maternity shots in her maternity street high style post. Yes, me! I feel so flattered she liked my picture and considered it for her blog.

If you are expecting, go and visit her blog. She has the latest fashions and tips to be a tres chic mama-to-be. She was not around when I was pregnant but now I’m a fan. I’m telling you, it’ll become one of your daily reads!

baby G’s nursery in babble

I love Babble. It’s full of great articles and information about all things baby, kids and parenting of course. So I was thrilled to find out they included baby G’s nursery in their “Top 15 ways to Add Chevron to your nursery” post  some months ago.

A couple of days ago it was mentioned again, this time in their “12 Gender-Neutral Baby Nursery Ideas” post. Head over to Babble and check it out! Happy Friday!!!

baby G’s nursery in ohdeedoh!

They called it pregnancy brain for something, right? I thought I posted about this feature weeks ago but I guess I didn’t. By now, most of you know about it (most of you knew about this little blog because of it), but since I have many friends and family in Lima that also read the blog I still wanted to share. A month ago Baby G’s nursery was featured in one of my favorite blogs: Ohdeedoh

Ohdeedoh was one of the first kids decor blogs I discovered and the one I always go back to when looking for inspiration. Sometime ago, L’s room was featured in it, too.

via ohdeedoh

This time it took me by surprise, since I didn’t send baby G’s room pictures or anything. They just found my blog and pics on the web and I guess they liked it so much to post about it. It’s really flattering and it feels good to know your ideas, creativity and hard work is appreciated by others. And what’s even more rewarding? Inspiring others to create beautiful spaces, too. I hope I do.

baby G’s nursery featured in MadeByGirl!

I’m sorry for the lack of posts this week but as you can imagine taking care of a newborn can be exhausting. I think I haven’t slept for more than three hours straight since I went into labor. Almost three weeks ago! But it’s all worth it when I get to see my little boy’s face. He is such a good boy!

And talking about him, I was thrilled to find out baby G’s nursery was featured by Jen Ramos of MadeByGirl. I doubt you don’t know about her, but if that’s the case, she is one of the most popular bloggers out there. She is also a graphic designer and owns MadeByGirl where she offers beautiful prints that have become an icon among the design world. I have many of her prints scattered all around my house. She recently started Cocoa & Hearts where she sells original artwork. I’m really considering buying one of her small paintings. What can I say I’m a fan of her work.

via madebygirl

Stop by her blog and see baby G’s nursery post here.