our wedding

On May 2009 I married the kindest man I’ve ever met. He has brought so much to my life and together with L, the sweetest boy, have taught me so many things they don’t even know. We started our little family on that special day.

We planned our wedding with much love and enthusiasm. There were a lot of DIY projects and details and great vendors I’d like to share. I just have to find some time to sort out all our pictures. We still haven’t ordered our wedding album because I can’t decide on what photos to use! Yes, three years later and still no wedding album! Well, how do you choose just 40 pics from almost 2,000?!  I also have to organize some photos of our engagement session in NYC and our honeymoon in Paris.

In the meantime here are some highlights of that special night. Our wedding in Tony Yang’s website (one of our amazing photographers) and in his blog. And we were featured in Westchester Weddings Magazine as Wedding of the Month, November 2009.


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